About Simco


In 1990 Simco started up as a service and repair company for Norwegian and international motor sports. 

While the electronical systems in vehicles have become more and more sophisticated and integrated, Simco adjusted to that development with hiring and training engineers and technicians.

Nowadays, Simco is specialized in car electronics with a focus set on repair and diagnosis of electronic components in vehicles. Simco is also working with accident reconstruction and the analysis of electronic components after accidents in order to determine the course of events.

Our workshop and office is located in Greåker in Sarpsborg (Norway).

We offer the following services:


  • Our own electronics workshop for vehicles
  • Diagnostics and repair of most of the control units and instruments in cars, buses, and trucks including trailers
  • Customised used components in case the original ones cannot be repaired
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Support for error troubleshooting, diagnostic questions and restoring of manipulated components to factory settings

Assessment of Vehicle Electronics

  • Assessment of the electronic immobiliser in order to determine possible manipulations
  • Electronic readout of a car’s electronics in order to reaffirm the VIN-number
  • Key readout with history and identification of the vehicle
  • We read out and analyse event data in regard of vehicle collisions. That data is being stored in some of the electronic control units in the vehicle, most commonly in the airbag control module.
  • We supply equipment that our customers can connect directly to their vehicle on site
  • We read out data about the status of the vehicle and send it directly to our customers. The equipment is used by several insurance companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland
  • In case of a fire, the electronic components may show traces caused by the fire, which can be helpful in order to determine the incidents and the cause of a fire in the electronic system of the vehicle. If possible, we reconstruct the circuit board or dismantle integrated circuits, which contain the stored data. Such investigations must be considered for each case and depend on the extent of destroyed electronic components.
  • Training and courses about electronic immobiliser systems/ the manipulation of a car’s identification and crash data in regard to accidents