Key Programming


Key programming requires absolute precision. If the procedure is not carried out correctly, the functionality of the vehicle could be impaired.

We recommend to report any key programming to your current insurance company. If you choose Simco to program your key, you will receive a report showing the programming status of your electronic immobiliser.

We have gained profound knowledge in the field of electronic immobiliser systems. Therefore, we can offer a great spectrum of programming solutions.

Usually, all Electronic Control Units (ECUs) have to be exchanged in order to reprogram them, but in most cases we manage to help you with the parts you already have.

We do not conduct “immo off” functions, as it is not allowed according to the workshop regulations §17g and vehicle regulations. The function can be supported if the customer himself applies for it and recieves a written permission from Statens vegvesen.

Specific examples:

Feel free to contact us in case you cannot find your car model. We are able to program the keys of most car models and not all possible examples are mentioned yet.


This illustration shows how the system works in a more simplified manner.

  1. Engine Control Unit
  2. Electronic Immobiliser
  3. Coil
  4. Transponder
  5. Key
  6. Diagnostics Port